Learn About Becky

Becky is an expert in aesthetics, skincare, and body care ensuring that no matter what your goals are, she can get you there.

Meet Becky, our talented, experienced and multi-faceted esthetician… your greatest aesthetic assets! Let her help you create beautiful, healthy, long-lasting results while catering to each individual client’s needs.
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Meet Becky

At Maison Belle Aesthetics & Wellness I like to keep things as Holistic as possible, but sometimes there are services that require a more clinical approach. We pride ourselves in giving our clients a balance of Holistic and Clinical approaches, or we allow our clients to decide which approach they prefer.

Rebecca Teague

Becky is a mom of two boys, a Nursing student and an Esthetician. Becky’s goal is to finish her Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner degree so that she can own and operate a MedSpa. She is very passionate about helping others with acetic skin and anti-aging concerns. Her passion for skin came about when she started having skin issues in her mid-30’s due to stress.

She was determined to figure out how to help herself and others suffering from any type of skin issues. She realizes how traumatizing skin problems can be and never wants anyone to experience them. Her other passions is health and wellness.

Becky has had many surgeries on her legs and she was left to find alternatives to rehabilitation herself. So, not only does she take a more holistic approach to her skincare, but she tries to find holistic and alternative ways to help individuals with their health and wellness.